Photo Booths

Photo booths are more in demand than ever before. Because of that, the price of them has come down considerably. Now, it’s even more affordable to add a photo booth to your event, regardless of how many people or what type of party you’re having. It’s a great takeaway for any guest and you get a copy of all the pictures. Ask us about adding a photo booth to your party today!

Long Island DJ Party Extras Photo Booth


Have you ever been to a party where a percussionist performs along with the DJ? It creates a unique sound and really energizes any crowd large or small. Whether it’s a Wedding or any other type of event, adding a percussionist provides a different dynamic to your party. Contact us today to find out how you can add a percussionist to your event!

Long Island DJ Percussionist

Lounge Furniture

Adding lounge furniture turns your event into a classy, stylish party with light up tables, bars, and more. White leather couches and chairs add a gorgeous touch to your decor. Having an event at your house but don’t have any place for people to sit? Adding furniture is cost-effective, and we do all the work. We can pair as many items as you need to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Long Island DJ Lounge Furniture

Plasma TV's

You’ve probably seen them on many events you’ve been to in the past. TV’s add a great element to your party. You can have add zap shots or a live stream of the event on these televisions which our guests love. Each screen is 55″ and on a custom TV truss. You’ll get a copy of all the pictures at the end of the party as well. Contact us for more information!

Long Island DJ Plasmas

Dance Platforms

Who doesn’t love a dance platform to dance on? Ours light up, and provide the perfect addition to any party. Setup in front of the DJ booth, our dance platforms are easy to setup and give your guests another area to dance the night away. They’re not expensive to add to your event either! Ask us about our dance platforms, and we’ll be happy to provide them for your party!

Long Island DJ Dance Platforms

Marquee Letters

Add big custom letters to any event. Large glowing letters can be setup anywhere in the room to create a unique ambiance that you haven’t seen at an event before. Examples are something like: Mr. and Mrs., or the guest of honors name, or nickname, or even a hashtag that you want people to use when they post pictures of your party. Whatever your request, we can accommodate it!

Long Island DJ Marquee Letters

Color Kinetic Uplighting

Want to create a light show unlike any other event you’ve been to? Not happy with the place you booked and how plain it looks? Now, you don’t have to worry when you add our uplighting package. We can customize 12, 18, or 24-head uplighting packages that are run by a light tech that controls the lighting for the duration of the party. Take any VFW and turn it into a club-like atmosphere with these high-tech lights!

Long Island DJ Color Kinetics

Graffiti Walls

Ever take a picture at a party, and think to yourself “Wow, I wish I could edit that picture”. Well, now you can! This is a unique take on a photo booth, and it’s way cooler than you think. You take a picture, then move on to the graffiti wall and add all kinds of unique elements to your photo. Draw on it, add pictures, whatever you can think of, you can do! Your guests will love it.

Long Island DJ Graffiti Walls


Having a block party or school event? Or just want to have a bouncy house in your backyard? We have it. From big slides to jungle gyms and everything in-between, we can bring it, set it up, operate it, and then break it down in a snap! These inflatables have gotten more popular in recent years, so we made sure to add it to our extras list. Contact us to find out how to add an inflatable to your package today!

Casino Tables

Feel like gambling? Well, we can’t gamble with REAL money at these tables, but playing with funny money is a close 2nd. We can bring in any number of tables to create a casino night at your event. You can have it for an hour, during cocktail, or have them throughout the party. Each table comes with a dealer in tuxedo that helps explain the game, and handles all the functionality. Contact us for more info!

Long Island DJ Casino Tables

Get the Party Started with Ideal Entertainment

We've performed at hundreds of events large and small. From club-like Sweet 16's and 500+ person Weddings or corporate events, to small intimate affairs like birthday parties and graduations, we know what it takes to rock an event like no other! Contact Ideal Entertainment to start planning your event.