On Long Island, there are hundreds of DJ companies. Nowadays, you can’t drive down the Long Island Expressway without seeing someone promoting their music services. Unfortunately, clients looking for DJ’s have a hard time deciphering who’s good, and who’s not. Why would a client pay $500 for a DJ when they can pay $300 and get the same thing? The answer here is that it’s NOT the same thing, and if you’re looking to spend the least amount possible, you could end up having the worst experience at your event.

When hiring a DJ, ask yourself some simple questions:

1. What happens if people don’t dance?
If you want to have a dance party and people aren’t dancing, what can the DJ do to ensure people get up out of their seats? An inexperienced DJ will most likely keep playing music they think will work with very little mic work. They have no idea that there are a number of ice breakers that can help encourage people to participate in the event. Once those people get up and on the dance floor, an experienced and GOOD DJ will be able to keep them there.

2. Is the flow of my party important?
Some events are dinner and dancing, and that’s it. Other events follow a timeline to ensure ceremonial aspects of an event, food, speeches, etc. all run on-time. Inexperienced DJ’s may have a hard time figuring out when the time to dance is, or even be unable to follow the schedule and pick the right music for each portion of the party. I’ve seen it happen many times where a DJ will play the wrong music at the wrong time and it just creates an odd vibe at the party.

3. Does the DJ have clean music?
People who rip music from online sources like YouTube or SoundCloud tend to have low-quality music that could include music that’s not edited. DJ’s with little to no experience are under the impression that because they purchased a DJ system and some speakers, that they’re now a DJ because they can play online music. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in my opinion. Because all of our music is obtained legally from legitimate music sources, we’re confident our music is top-quality and clean to play for guests of all ages.

4. Is the DJ insured?
ALWAYS ask the DJ for a copy of their insurance. It’s more important than you may think. If a speaker falls on Aunt Sue, does the DJ have liability insurance that may be needed to cover medical expenses?

5. Can my DJ mix music?
Most DJ’s may not have samples of their music online. It’s usually a good idea to ask for a sample of their music so you can hear how they mix. If they don’t have that, at LEAST ask for a sample playlist of a dance set so you can analyze whether a DJ knows what to play to keep a party rockin’ on the dance floor.

Before you hire your DJ, asking questions is a good way to get an understanding on how they’ll handle your event if it doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to. There are MANY inexperienced DJ’s on Long Island, but there are also many companies that are VERY good at what they do (including us naturally). If you go for the cheapest price, make sure you’re doing your research before you end up with a bad party & unhappy guests.